A pond is created in Ikh Dashir valley.

An opening ceremony celebrating the creation of a pond created in the Ikh Dashir Valley by Boroo Gold LLC, within the framework of its environmental rehabilitation program, has taken place today. 
The pond and a surrounding habitat was created to help reduce the impacts of drought that may occur due to climate change, and to improve the wetland ecosystem for biodiversity. On the other hand, it is also aims to improve the recreational opportunities for employees of the mine site so that they can enjoy  an ecologically diverse and clean environment in their free time.
The pond and basin, in the Ikh Dashir valley in Bayangol soum of Selenge aimag, where Boroo Gold LLC has undertaken its rehabilitation, are filled by both groundwater and rainwater that flows into them during the spring. The construction continued for two months and covered an area of 2700 m2 including 1500 m2 of open water, 600 m2 of rehabilitated planted forest and 600m2 for sidewalk. 

According to the 2017 census of water and rivers in Mongolia, 22.4 percent of streams, 39.4 percent of lakes, and 17.3 percent of total rivers dried up in the period 1990-2017 in Mongolia. Hence creating a pond and basins to conserve water reserve is an important step to support biodiversity and reduce impacts of drought. 

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