Boroo Gold LLC signs Cooperation agreement with Mandal soum of Selenge aimag

The cooperation agreement, designed as a support for socio-economic development of the local community, is signed by N.Lkhagvadorj, Governor of Mandal soum and E.Dulguun, CEO of Boroo Gold LLC today on March 21, 2019. 

As a expression of its corporate social responsibility, Boroo Gold LLC concluded the Cooperation Agreement with Mandal soum for the second time as pursuant to Article 42.1 of the Minerals Law, where the mineral license holder shall enter into a cooperation agreement with the local administrative body. The agreement is a document that defines further principles and scope of relations of the parties.  According to the agreement, MNT40 million will be invested every year to the soum by the company in order to support development of infrastructure, public service and small and medium businesses.  
During its first cooperation agreement, Boroo Gold company invested funding of MNT 30 million to Mandal soum last year for building the paved road between the soum governor’s building and the Zuunkharaa Polytechnic college. Since the establishment of the first cooperation agreement, Boroo Gold company has implemented its projects in a new way, where the cooperation committee works on choosing the projects, and evaluating their implementation. 

The company made its best efforts to develop safe and responsible mining in Mongolia while operating in Mandal and Bayangol soums of Selenge aimag. Since the company’s establishment, the company has invested MNT 4.4 billion in Mandal soum, MNT 4 billion in Bayangol soum, and MNT 2.8 billion in Selenge aimag for projects and programs to support socio-economic development of the soum and local communities.