Centerra Gold Mongolia LLC supports a chess tournament for Elders in Mandal soum

To commemorate the International Day of Older Persons, the Kharaa region’s chess championship for elders was organized in Mandal soum of Selenge aimag on 26th September, 2018. About 50 elders participated in the championship, which was initiated by the elders union of the 413 prison camp, under the General executive agency of court decision, located in Mandal soum, in joint cooperation with the Associations for Elderly People of Mandal soum, including its Tunkhel and Kherkh villages, and Bayangol soum. The event as funded by Centerra Gold Mongolia LLC.

B.Dashbaljir from the 9th bag of Mandal soum won the chess tournament, with D.Ganbold from the 1st bag of Mandal soum coming second, Ch.Nergui from 2nd bag of Mandal soum coming third, B.Bazarsuren from 4th bag of Kherkh village, fourth and Ts.Luvsandagaa from 5th bag of Tunkhel village came fifth. G.Namjil and J.Tseveenkhuu, who are 85 years old, were the oldest chess players. During the championship, D.Natsagdorj, the senior chess player, was awarded as a Sports master degree holder.

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