Exploration team of CGM was awarded as the ‘Best exploration team’

‘Mongolian mineral exploration roundup 2019’ was held on March 28-31 within the framework of 80th anniversary of the Mongolian Geological Survey. During the roundup, the exploration team of Centerra Gold Mongolia LLC was presented an award the ‘Best exploration team of the year’ because of exploration in Boroo, Gatsuurt and Ulaanbulag hard rock gold deposit, located in Boroo Zuunmod ore district, which has +200 tons of geological gold resource and registered in the Mongolian Mineral Resources Reserve Fund. Congratulations for our exploration team and wish good luck for further exploration work. 
The roundup was organized by Ministry of Mining and Heavy Industry, MRAM, Mongolian state professional inspection agency, Mongolian National University, The Mongolian University of Science and Technology, Institute of Paleontology and Geology of Mongolian Academy of Sciences and the Geological Society of Mongolia.