Familiarization tour with a cluster dairy farmer in Bayandelger soum, Tuv aimag

Boroo Gold company and the Governor’s office of Mandal soum of Selenge aimag co-organized a tour among herders and farmers of Mandal and Bayangol soums of Selenge aimag on November 7, 2018 to familiarize with the first Mongolian dairy cluster farm. 
The cluster farm, which has total of 400 cows, is made up of 10 farms of 40 cows each, and is located in Bayandelger soum of Tuv aimag, 95 km away from Ulaanbaatar city. 
In order to support their fund to launch and run the farm sustainably, the Khaan Bank has loaned funds to herders, and the APU Dairy company has established an agreement with herders to buy their milk throughout the whole year, through all seasons. In addition, Nomadic Agro Farm LLC works to provide agricultural professionals, suppliers and contractors to support farmers in order to increase the supply of milk and implement international standards of dairy farming in Mongolia. 
Each farm has enough space set at a European standard that includes an electric milking machine, a forage mixer, and a milk tank. There is also a Canadian wooden designed apartment for the herder family, and 15 hectares of land for livelihood forage for the herd of cattle. 
The cooperating parties including Khan Bank, Nomadic Agro Farm LLC and APU dairy company  who are working collaboratively to implement a medium-term strategy which aims to launch three more cluster farms in 2019 and a further three farms in 2020. 
Herders and farmers from Mandal and Bayangol soum had enthusiasm for the project. This is especially so because Mandal soum is agricultural region with potential to develop highly productive farms instead of working with nomadic livestock. They suggested that that instead of developing the farms one by one, it is more effective to develop farms by cooperating with this cluster farm model. 
After the tour, the herders and farmers took part in a training which taught how to improve farming livelihoods and how to prepare different kinds of food. 
Boroo Gold LLC has, over many years, implemented many different trainings, workshops and familiarization tours to strengthen the capacity of Mandal and Bayangol soums’ herders, small entrepreneurs and agricultural entities and has implemented many small loans projects.