Herders’ role is important to achieving pasture improvement and a successful environment offset program.

To implement its environmental offset program, Boroo Gold company organized several meetings with herders on February 15-16, in order to give information and exchange ideas about implementation of the project for the improvement in pasture user management and other associated activities. Herders’ income will be increased and guaranteed if the project, which aims to improve pasture management and pasture condition, is implemented successfully. This issues are main basis for Mongolia’s nomadic livestock industry. Herder’s own positive participation is very important and this was emphasized during the meetings. Boroo Gold company, governors of Bayangol soum of Selenge aimag, researchers of the Mongolian National Federation of Pasture user groups of Herders (who implements the project) and 70 herders, all participated in the meetings.

Boroo Gold company has implemented two projects including a project to build forest cover in Bortolgoi area, and for the improvement in pasture user management in Dorgont area of Kharaa bag, Bayangol soum of Selenge aimag.