There are possibilities for cooperation in the promotion of sustainable community development

Boroo Gold Company held a meeting among international relief organizations in Mandal and Bayangol soums of Selenge province to obtain information about their investments in local communities, familiarize itself with their activities and learn more about further cooperation opportunities.
The meeting held at the Boroo Gold Company's Information Center in Mandal soum was attended by representatives from international organizations, namely Global Communities, Zuunkharaa World Vision, АDRA and Mandal Red Cross.
At the meeting, it was noted that the simultaneous involvement of community groups, cooperatives and households in several projects being implemented by the international relief organizations made those projects ineffective. As such, those organizations can collectively organize some activities to ensure sustainable community development. "During the flood disaster happened in Bayan-Ulgii province last year, a humanitarian aid team was formed in cooperation with other relief organizations; and in turn, the team managed to grant aid without overlapping. It is suggested that a similar humanitarian relief team should be formed to provide assistance to Mandal soum," said Mr. G. Gantulga, representative from ADRA International.