CGM Procurement will engage with local companies in the Purchasing of goods and services to optimize the value of in-country spend, by linking our demand for goods and services to local economies to aid in private sector growth and job creation.


CGM Procurements mission is to deliver price, high quality and value added goods and services, safely and in a timely manner to meet the needs of the business in a cost efficient and timely procurement process, whilst:
•    Providing transparent opportunities for local companies;
•   Increasing the amount of expenditure with local companies in Mongolia to support sustained growth, therefore contributing to the economic development of local communities; and
•    Identifying additional opportunities for potential investment in local capability development
 Local purchasing keeps money in the community
We understand the importance of supporting local businesses where we operate.
Wherever possible, we purchase construction materials and agricultural produce locally.
We define local suppliers as suppliers of goods and services based in the countries where we operate.